OCEAN SOUND LAB (OSL) is an educational software environment developed by FORTH/IACM for public aquaria and museum exhibitions, offering an enjoyable introduction to the fascinating world of underwater sound. It contains a variety of play-and-learn activities, from presentations of underwater sounds and basic physics for the non-expert, to interactive applications and games around ocean acoustic propagation effects. User interaction is through touch screen or mouse driven display, microphone and speakers or earphones.


. An educational character weaved together with the fun of the game/show
. Special design for exhibition settings allowing for a broad range of usage profiles, from selective interaction to full experience
. Flexible setup based on modular architecture allowing for a variety of installation options
. Possibility for enhancement with physical hands-on exhibits
. Multilingual support (up to 8 user-interchangeable languages)
. Customizable multimedia content (text/sounds/images/video).

OSL main screen in English OSL has been developed by the Wave Propagation group of the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas  (FORTH/IACM), with over 25 years of experience in underwater acoustics research and education. The design has been carried out by FORTH/IACM  and NOIS.E .




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